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A collection of videos showing the work of rebuilding the tower, from the conversion work start to the opening.

Part 10. May to September 2015, various completed.

Part 11. The inauguration of the Water Tower.

Part 9. The fiber concrete floor and the

railing is mounted on the balcony.

Part 6. Various work performed and the hole in the water tank is being carved.

Part 3. Work with electricity and cutting holes for the balcony bearings.

Part 8. The staircase become attached and the new supporting pillars placed.

Part 5. The supporting elements to the balcony on the water tower mounted.

Part 2. The view from the scaffolding after a January storm with lots of hail.

Part 7. The supporting wall and half wall for blocking by staircase hole completed.

Part 4. Part of the scaffolding is removed and balcony supporting module mounted.

Part 1. The scaffolding has come up and the doorway to the balcony, been cut out.



Water Tower

Højer Vandtårn

Nørrevej 50

6280 Højer


Tel: +45 50 30 91 45


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